2009: See ya, sucka

A lot of change is a-coming in 2010, and Teri no likey change.  While some of it is good change, it’s still stressful.  Here is 2010’s To-Do list:

*Finish grad school
*Be out of debt [with the exception of student loans] *Get married
*Move into a new apartment
*Get my own kitty!

Is it bad that getting my own cat was written with more enthusiasm than getting married was?  Oops.  Don’t tell Mr. W!  I just really like cats, is all.

The downside to 2010, however, is saying goodbye to the current roomies.  Tim is supposedly headed west to California and Paige will go wherever her search for a field-related job leads her.  [I’ve decided to pepper the three Chicago animation houses with her resume until they’ve no choice but to hire her.]  But still, it is sort of the end of an era.  A baby era-let, if you will.

I also wanted to take a second to look back over the year.  In the beginning of 2009 I committed myself to making the year more about me.  Not dating, going to school, getting healthier.  That has gotten me to this year where I will get married [go figure that one out–though “they” do say that it’s when you stop looking that you meet someone], graduating with an MBA, and…well still trying to get healthier [stupid joint problem].  My goals for 2010 are: 1.) get over this stupid joint problem, 2.) lose weight, and 3.) swear less [I first accidentally typed, “sweat less” which I suppose would also be a good goal, albeit a little contradictory to the one previous].

I will end the year with a song.  The rest of their stuff is meh, but this one I listen to on repeat.

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