When Paige graduates in March she may return to working at the hotel.  While I wouldn’t wish that sort of thing on anyone, I do kinda hope she goes back so that I can get some blogging fodder.  I miss posting those crazy hotel stories.  Come on, Paige!  Take one for the team!  [The “team” being “me”.]

My current job isn’t really conducive to blogging.  I mean, I could tell you about when the printer cartridge needed changed, or how we have all been really cold in my area for the past week, but I don’t think those things would prove to be very interesting.  I’m almost tempted to get a part-time job in the service industry just to get some more interesting work stories, but then I realize that is crazy talk.

In other non-news, I’m excited about this year.  Spitting in the face of my “No Resolutions!” resolutions of New Years previous [hmm, did that make sense?] I have gone all out this year.  I have proclaimed 2009 to be the “Year of Teri” and am focusing on myself.

I’ve finally started grad school, am saving money, am dieting/working out, am expending more time/effort on makeup/hair, and am making strident efforts to care less about what other people think.  This year is about me.  Also, in order to focus more on myself, this resolution includes a “No Men” clause.  I have written my goals [broken down by month] and have met all of January’s.  So yay!

I’m great at starting a project all gung-ho and then losing interest, so I’m really focused on keeping this going all year round.  I am curious to see where I would be at the end of this year, having kept up all these self-improvement goals.  Like, I said–I’m excited.
And lastly, my brother just emailed and let me know that they had a Guitar Hero tournament at his college and he won.  Hell yeah, he did!  Chip off the old block.  Or something.

What do you think?