Top 6 Weasel Words

saturday six

Read an article this week on “Weasel Words“– or filler words that you overuse and don’t contribute to the writing.  It made me annoyed with myself as I realized some of mine.  And there are probably more that I haven’t even realized.  Which annoys me more. My Top 6 Weasel Words: Just Very Said (like […]

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Wanted: Roommate

fiction friday

Denise stood in her living room and looked around her.  The white IKEA futon.  The pale wooden coffee table and end table (both from the same matching IKEA set).  The still-life art prints on the wall.  These objects had all come with her roommate.  Despite all this around her, the apartment now had an empty […]

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New Books, Game of Thrones, and a Space Debate


First up, some book news: New Paddington Bear book.  I used to love these as a kid. Six Stephen King early novels–Carrie, Salem’s Lot. The Shining, The Stand, Night Shift, and Pet Sematary–are being re-released as special editions.  I might consider getting The Shining.  That book remains the scariest book I have ever read.  For […]

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