Clean Spoons

I love the Spoon Theory. It’s a great way to explain why, when dealing with a chronic physical or mental illness, you can’t do all the things that healthy people can do. Basically, the theory states that ill people get a certain allotment of spoons to use everyday. (Healthy people have a virtually unlimited amount.) Doing […]

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Fun with Hair Dye

Trying to figure out things for my Halloween costume and I would like to have dyed hair for it in a fun color.  As I have to be at work two days later and would prefer to not have people look at me like I am insane, I am looking for temporary solutions.  Tonight I […]

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Why Journals are Great

So I have been doing my three good things everyday (something that I recommend everyone start doing). I feel that it has helped my outlook.  I still fight against being a more negative person, but focusing on three good things everyday has had an immediate impact: I notice good things more often.  Something will happen […]

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